Series News Al Sancak series raises the feelings of national unity of the audience!

Al Sancak series raises the feelings of national unity of the audience!


The Al Sancak series, which continues to meet with the audience on TRT1 screens on Thursday evenings, was adopted in a short time and the first 4 episodes had a successful process with very good ratings. The series, in which Uğur Güneş and Gülsim Ali İlhan take the leading roles, is as prominent as the emotions it aims to create in the audience as well as the action-packed scenes.

There are also those who think that Al Sancak is a propaganda series in terms of being a series that deals with the theme of national unity and national integrity. However, we can also say that the Al Sancak series is a project that gives a message in terms of describing the operational power of the Turkish Armed Forces.

More than the story of the series, the equipment used, the heroism of the soldiers, and the tactical and technical skill in operational terms are intended to dazzle the audience.

After all, it is obvious that the propaganda of “everybody is against Turkey and the Turk has no friend but the Turk in the world” has been going on for years.

The Al Sancak series, as a production that serves this purpose, manages to impress the audience on the screen.

When looking at his previous TV series, Uğur Güneş radiates youthful energy with his current role and it should be noted that being a soldier is very suitable for him. The actor is very immersed in his role and shows that he enjoys the show in every scene.

In the series, it is also seen that the names of young actors who are physically fit to be a soldier are chosen.

It is also possible to say that Gülsim Ali İlhan surprised everyone with her role as Nadya and that her fans did not expect to see her in such a project before, and that she had an important career experience.

You can watch the 5th new episode of Al Sancak on TRT1 on Thursday, March 2nd.