Algı Eke is experiencing great fear
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26 September 2022 09:05


Algı Eke is experiencing great fear

Algı Eke introduced herself as a very planned and programmed person. She said that the coronavirus pandemic process may be alleviated in September, but she does not think it will end. Emphasizing the importance of freedom, Algı Eke thinks that people take an important lesson.

Explaining that scientists abroad have read their articles, Algı Eke stated that scientists abroad have already written this period and that they have previously reported facts with some mathematics calculations.

Algı Eke, who thinks that cinema does not know exactly what will become in the future but will change, touched on the fact that art will not end as long as human beings exist. She, “Maybe the children of our children, they will be different. Even those born now are very different. Who knows, what will they be? What will they meet as cinema?” she asked questions.

The actress thinks it will take a long time for actors and crews to act especially on movie sets due to the coronavirus outbreak. Algı Eke said, “The series continues. Theater and cinema may not be accessible.”

Explaining that the cinema is already experiencing difficulties, Algı Eke said that she would not want to enter the movie theater or shopping center even if everything is over now.

She started the character of Atiye in the series of Servants before the coronavirus epidemic. Only 3 episodes of the series have been published. It is not known whether or not shooting will begin for new episodes.

“As I will not be able to enter for the next long time. We are afraid,” said the actress. Explaining that fear is the biggest weapon and even more effective than nuclear weapons, Algı Eke reminded that the most important impulse of man is to survive.

She said, “We are scared right now.  My fear of the virus is not only myself, but my loved ones. What if I can’t catch up. My father is 67 years old, I can’t go and see. I can be a carrier. This process brought with it other fears.”

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