According to Algı Eke, the series shot from the house was not successful!
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2 October 2022 02:32


According to Algı Eke, the series shot from the house was not successful!

Algı Eke introduced herself as a very planned and programmed person. She said that the coronavirus pandemic process may be alleviated in September, but she does not think it will end. Emphasizing the importance of freedom, Algı Eke thinks that people have taken an important lesson.

Eke said, “We all understood that the house is the place where you feel most comfortable. There is a problem when freedom is restricted. We will all understand what freedom means, we will appreciate it.

The actress in Datça (Muğla) stated that she did not think that people would experience awareness in such a short time. Explaining that she will feel the value of the human family and her loved ones a little more, the actress said, “If we can come to the consciousness of spreading this situation too far. If we can come to the consciousness of respect, to show understanding, people will probably be understanding.”

“All of you will see after this process, divorces, ending relationships,” said Algı Eke, adding that this process can also bring a significant change in people at the social point.

Explaining that the energy created by the actors coming together can not be supported by any digital means, Algı Eke said, “Cinema is in it. They tried the series shot at home, I think not. They tried to shoot from afar. The theater is not possible anyway.”

Explaining that the coronavirus process has made digital content producers the most precious people, the actress said, “Whatever they do, we understand that this is the endless thing we are experiencing now. The biggest power that cannot be interrupted and never stopped is digital.”

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