Hilal Altınbilek was disturbed in the quarantine process!
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29 September 2022 10:22


Hilal Altınbilek was disturbed in the quarantine process!

Hilal Altınbilek, who once played the character of Züleyha in the Once Upon a Time Çukurova series, met live with the followers on the youtube channel of the series. She, who wishes to skip this process all together, answered the questions sincerely.

Stating that the name “crescent” was given by her grandmother and father, the actress said: “Because when I was born, my eyebrows were like Hilal Ay. My grandmother said ‘let’s scratch it.’ My father said her name was ‘Hilal’. ”

Stating that a discomfort occurred in her eyes, the famous actress had to wear glasses while reading the questions from her phone. Hilal Altınbilek said, “I’m sorry to put on my glasses. Because there was a discomfort in my eyes. I guess I should look at the phone a lot.”

Stating that she thinks the quarantine is the same for everyone, the actress first explained that she did the things she could not do at all. She stated that she had corrected the cabinets in her house, separated the excess things, established an order in the house and changed the shape of her room.

Hilal Altınbilek explained that she made cleaning and cooking at home, which was good for her. The actress stated that she does not normally like cooking but that her mind started to change in this period:

“Cooking is something I do not like but do very well. But I do not like it. I started to like it a little bit during this period. It started to feel very good. It made me feel good as something that bored, tired, pushed me.”

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