Ali Atay flattered his wife Hazal Kaya with nice words!
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27 March 2023 20:36


Ali Atay flattered his wife Hazal Kaya with nice words!

Hazal Kaya-Ali Atay couple, who warm our hearts with their love when we see them together in front of the screen, will finally meet with the audience on January 14 (today) Benden Ne olur? They were seen at the premiere of the movie.

Hazal Kaya got over the coronavirus nightmare she was caught for the second time and breathed with her husband at the gala. Bringing together many projects such as TV series and movies, Hazal Kaya took part in the last Misafir series with Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay.

In this period, Ali Atay, who stated that he took a lot of milk from the set to their son Fikret Ali (Fiko), could not finish praising his wife when asked about Hazal Kaya’s acting. Ali Atay said, “May God keep us on our head… I really like Hazal’s acting. I enjoy watching. I really like your approach to the role. I look forward to everything. I like to sit and watch it.” said.

Famous actress Hazal Kaya acts a crazy woman named Sertab Bal in the movie Benden Ne Olur?. The young woman, suddenly homeless and penniless, promises herself, after her sister’s words “Nothing will happen to you”, “I will show everyone what happens with me” and takes action to put her life in order after the moment of breaking she experienced.

In the movie, Hazal Kaya is accompanied by handsome actors Onur Tuna and Enis Arıkan, whom we know from the series Mahkum.

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