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6 July 2022 02:52


Alican Yücesoy does not pass the TV series!

Alican Yücesoy, who does not want to take part in television projects after the TV series Cam Kırıkları, which he took part in in 2018, continues to evaluate offers from digital TV series projects.

Alican Yücesoy, who has been a guest actor in the TV series Jet Sosyete and Menajerimi Ara for 4 years, finally appeared in front of the audience with the competition program named Maske Kimsin Sen. The actor, who draws attention with his preference for digital projects and movies instead of television series, drew attention with his impressive performance in the TV series Bir Başkadır and Hükümsüz.

The actor, who played the character of Sinan in the Netflix project titled Bir Başkadır, appeared in front of the audience as Serdar in the TV series “Hükümsüz”, which was broadcast on the Exxen platform.

The actor’s new series choice will also be a digital production. Alican Yücesoy is the male lead of the TV series, Aslında Özgürsün, which will be broadcast on the Gain platform.

Adapted from the famous author Duygu Asena’s book of the same name, Aslında Özgürsün tells the impressive story of two women. The story of Belgin and Berna, one of whom is a working and the other a housewife, between the dreams of the characters and the realities of life, will impress the fans of the series.

Alican Yücesoy will also choose a digital production among the offers he receives, and will show his talents in this production for female psychology as the male lead of Aslında Özgürsün.

The role of Alican Yücesoy, who will share the lead role with Deniz Çakır and Bade İşçil in the series, which will start shooting in March, was also a matter of curiosity.

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