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6 July 2022 02:50


Büşra Pekin, the lead role of the movie Dilberay, could not control her tears in the program she attended.

The actors of the movie Dilberay, starring Büşra Pekin, which will be released on February 4, were the guests of Okan Bayülgen in the program called Uykusuzlar Kulübü broadcast on Haber Global.

Nursel Köse, Zeliha Kendirci, Deniz Hamzaoğlu, Selen Uçer and the veteran actress Ayberk Pekcan accompanied Büşra Pekin in the movie, which will meet with the audience on Friday, February 4, telling the life of the arabesque singer Dilberay.

The actors, who were guests of Okan Bayülgen’s program for the promotion of the film, once again expressed their sadness and remembered when the subject came to the master actor Ayberk Pekcan, who “lived in that land and made a separate contribution with the jargon and style of the region where she grew up in the film”. Büşra Pekin, who plays the character of Dilberay, could not control her tears and said the following;

“She was a very nice person. Her performance in the movie was amazing. Ayberk brother touched our hearts a lot, she became someone we loved very much and we lost her in a very short time. Within 3 months, she suddenly fell ill and…”

Büşra Pekin, whom we have always watched in comedy productions, will appear before us with a heavy drama with the movie Dilberay. The life story of Dilber Ay, who came from a difficult life and gave hope to people with her music, will be told to the audience.

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