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12 August 2022 22:20


Alp Akar, who shines with Sadakatsiz, will pass through Kerem Bürsin’s path!

The TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful), which lasted for two seasons on Kanal D, was a great success. Adapted from the BBC TV series Doctor Foster, Sadakatsiz attracted great attention in Spain after two very successful seasons in Turkey.

After the series, in which Cansu Dere stands out, was sold to many countries abroad, the interest in the actors is increasing. Alp Akar also appeared in the story as Ali, the son of Asya and Volkan characters. Alp Akar, who has been on the sets for 11 years and has improved himself by taking part in many productions, is only 16 years old.

Alp Akar, who also spent his adolescence in the TV series in which he appeared as a child actor, made great gains from the TV series “Sadakatsiz”. It both increased its awareness and became a prominent name abroad.

Kerem Bürsin, who has recently come to the fore with the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” in Spain, has established important friendships and gained good connections through various visits. Kerem Bürsin, who also makes great efforts in learning Spanish, has a similar desire to improve his international career by making new projects in this country, Alp Akar has the same desire.

Alp Akar is pleased with the interest shown to him in Spain and he started to learn Spanish in order to be able to do something in this country in the future. Talking about the gains he has made with the TV series Sadakatsiz, Alp Akar gave the following information:

“The experience and motivation of being on the sets of TV series for all these years brought success in school.

My social life has also been enriched. While I was maturing my career life with the TV series Sadakatsiz, in which I played a role, I also gained recognition in Spain. I see great interest from the Spanish public.

I bring an international dimension to my career life by evaluating the messages coming from social media and interview requests with the support of my manager. The intense interest of the Spanish public led me to learn Spanish.”

As a result of the great interest in Alp Akar in Spain, the young actor now aims to learn Spanish and do something in this country in the future. As a result of receiving good comments from the Spanish audience, the young actor, who set his mind to learn this language, wants to pass on to himself in the future on this path that Kerem Bürsin took and made progress.

Alp Akar, who has been on the sets since he was 5 years old, has improved himself in the field of acting and also has a discipline in his normal life with the experiences he has gained over the years.

The actor said, “With the experience I have gained in 11 years, I can manage the traffic between school and TV series very well. With the support of my teachers, I do not stay away from my lessons during the time I spend on the set. I believe I am a good actor on set and a loved and appreciated student at school. Using my organizational skills that I gained thanks to successful actors, I carry out my training and shooting activities in a balanced way. I aim to be a very successful actor in the future,” he said.

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