Returning from the final, Kara Tahta upset its audience with its ratings! The audience found the problem!
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4 February 2023 12:49


Returning from the final, Kara Tahta upset its audience with its ratings! The audience found the problem!

Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series, starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, came to the screen with its 11th episode last night. The Kara Tahta series, which was decided to finalize a short time ago, but this decision was abandoned at the last moment, upset the audience with its rating.

Kara Tahta, the TV series of TRT 1 that came to the screen on Wednesday evenings, has been very low in ratings since the first day it started, despite its ambitious lead actors.

When the ratings did not improve over time, the channel decided to make the series final. However, the fact that TRT, which has less rating anxiety compared to other channels, made such a decision surprised everyone. As a matter of fact, TRT turned quickly from its decision and decided to continue the series.

The 11th episode of the series aired last night. Although there was a very small increase in the ratings, the result was still extremely depressing. The series, which scored well below the average, took the seventh place in all viewers. In AB and ABC1, the result was slightly better. Kara Tahta placed fourth in these categories.

The viewer was very upset that the rating of Kara Tahta was so low after its return. Disappointed spectators said that the problem was the script, and that the story had come out of Atlas and Irmak and completely turned into Bekir swamp. Some of the viewers, who wanted the Kara Tahta to continue, also stated that the series should be given a little more time.

The Kara Tahta series, which started on TRT1 screens on Tuesday evenings, appeared before the audience with great hopes. Actually, it was a series that affected a wide audience, but the fact that the first episodes were a bit dull and the character of Irmak played by Miray Daner was kept in the background, prevented the series from making a good debut.

Viewers are now complaining that the characters of Irmak and Atlas, played by Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, do not have a scene together. Viewers want these two characters to gain more weight in the story.

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