Artists News After acting, Furkan Andıç also stepped into production!

After acting, Furkan Andıç also stepped into production!

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Furkan Andıç also stepped into production with the movie Derun.

The famous actor said that he watched the movie with all his teammates and that he was in an extremely good mood.

Stating that a very good work has been done, the famous actor said, “I want to be present on the production side as well, it will continue from now on.”

The movie, co-produced by Derun, is eagerly awaited.

The story of Marife, who lived a secluded life alone in the Black Sea for 40 years, was the subject of the movie.

Names such as Hatice Aslan, Furkan Andıç, Güven Kıraç took part in the movie, which was shot in Trabzon.

The shooting of the film, which took 2 years of preparation, was completed in 3 months.

Hatice Aslan played the character of Marife, who isolates herself from people.

The movie Derun, which tells the story of a person who confines herself to loneliness with her great love and great disappointment, was produced by Müge Uğurlar and Furkan Andıç.