Artists News Alp Navruz has outdone himself in the series of Yürek Çıkmazı, his fans were not surprised at all!

Alp Navruz has outdone himself in the series of Yürek Çıkmazı, his fans were not surprised at all!


The first episode of the TRT1 series called Yürek Çıkmazı (Heart Impass) started last week. Even if the ratings of the series, which is meeting with the audience on Tuesday evenings, are not as good as expected, it is necessary to see the fact that the series gave a very good test in terms of acting and storytelling.

In particular, Ayça Bingöl and Mesut Akusta drew attention as the names that gave life to the series with their masterful acting performances. Young actors Alp Navruz and İrem Helvacıoğlu are also happy to play their roles successfully. The fans, on the other hand, were amazed by the high performances of the actors, as well as the series’ hard drama story.

Alp Navruz experienced great emotion, especially in the funeral scene. Alp Navruz, who reflects Halil’s mother Cennet’s mood in the funeral scene very well on the screen, admitted that he had a hard time in this scene as well.

However, the fans of the series are not surprised by this situation, as they already expect such strong and emotional scenes from the actors. Alp Navruz received a lot of support on social media and the abundance of shares proved its success.

Explaining that it took time for him to come to himself after this scene, the famous actor successfully revived the scene due to the training he received, but it took time for his mood to return to normal.

Alp Navruz talked about the fact that he had no difficulties in playing the stage thanks to his education; “But the scene was a very heavy one, it took me a long time to come to my senses afterwards. It is a pleasure for me that the stage is appreciated.”

There is no doubt that Alp Navruz will once again enchant his fans with emotional scenes in the later parts of the series.

The Yürek Çıkmazı series brings to the screen the emotional story of a man with a personality disorder and a woman trying to hold on to life with her children.

The second episode of Yürek Çıkmazı will be broadcast on TRT 1 on November 8 at 20:00.