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21 May 2022 13:58


Alperen Duymaz’s charisma combined with Büşra Develi’s sympathy; Erkek Severse series was a huge success!

The energy of Alperen Duymaz and Büşra Develi duo, who took the lead roles in the TV series Erkek Severse, pleased the audience. The romantic comedy series, Erkek Severse, in which Yasemin Allen plays the leading role, has already managed to become one of the most popular productions of 2022.

Alperen Duymaz, who did a successful job with the character of Akgün in the drama series Son Yaz at the beginning of the season, preferred the romantic comedy job among the offers after the story made the finale in the 26th episode. Fans of the series also wanted to see the actor in a romantic comedy story, and for this reason, the interest in the series named Erkek Severse was high. Returning to the screen with a charismatic, handsome, rich, cultured and responsible character, Alperen Duymaz again enchanted his fans.

Büşra Develi, who has won acclaim for her beauty and sympathy as well as her talents, takes part as the female lead in the new series. Büşra Develi, whom we watched last season with Şükrü Özyıldız in the ATV series named Akıncı, appeared in front of the audience as a mother with two children in a romantic comedy story.

The rapprochement between Zeynep, a young, working and single mother, who divorced her husband, whom she married for love, because she was betrayed, and Kenan, who is an intelligent, hardworking, honest and ambitious character, also activates the story.

This interesting version of Erkek Severse was also a new experience for the Bein Connect platform. Among the foreign and ambitious series, Erkek Severse, with its lower budget, pleased its publisher very much.

Being the 4th most-watched production of the platform, right after Dexter, Yakuza Princess and Succession, the serial, whose story is written by Aslı Zengin, means a great victory.

Producer Faruk Turgut announced this great success with a post he shared on his twitter account and thanked the audience.

The popularity of Alperen Duymaz and Büşra Develi’s energy also played a major role in these results.

Fans who praise the series on social media also find the love of Kenan and Zeynep very interesting and support their story by sharing thousands of posts.

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