Series News It’s more surprising that the Ego drama hasn’t made it to the finale, but that it’s been on air so far!

It’s more surprising that the Ego drama hasn’t made it to the finale, but that it’s been on air so far!


The first information that the Ego series, which is claimed as one of the most ambitious productions of 2023 on the Fox TV screen, will make its final in the 13th episode, took place in the press. Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz are in the lead roles in the series. Those who remember the two lead actors in the Çarpışma (Clash) series thought that this project could make a very good debut.

Those who expected that they would be reflected on the screen as a good partner witnessed the quarrel of the two actors on the set of the series, which suddenly spread to social media. In fact, this development also caused the aura of the audience, which was caused by the harmony of the duo, to dissipate in an instant.

The difference between dreams and reality emerged with a discussion. For Alperen Duymaz and Melisa Aslı Pamuk, the idea that they had very good energies and that they suited each other, which had settled in their minds many years ago, disappeared with a fight. This was an element that weakened the belief in the series.

Afterwards, what happened in the script once again upset the audience. The script did not turn out as well as millions wished. A leading male character, who was torn between two women in the series, did not win the hearts of the female audience.

Of course, another important factor was that it was broadcast on Fox TV. Because those who knew the old decisions of the channel management knew that if the Ego series did not get very good ratings, no one would stand behind it.

It seems like a chance that the Ego series has survived until now in an environment where scenario problems disturb the audience and the lead duo cannot create an aura as before.

We think that saying goodbye to the audience at the end of the season with its 13th episode will not be disturbing for the two leading names of the Ego series, which appeared on the set with which they were not compatible.

The 12th new episode of the Ego series, whose 11th episode was broadcast on Sunday evening, April 30, is expected to be broadcast on May 7, and the final episode, which cannot be broadcast on May 14 due to the election, is expected to be on the screen on Sunday, May 21.