Series News An extraordinary project from Hazal Türesan! Always wet throughout the game!

An extraordinary project from Hazal Türesan! Always wet throughout the game!

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Hazal Türesan, one of the young actresses whose names have come to the fore in the last period, comes before the audience with an extraordinary project. Hazal Türesan, who appeared before us with the Yalancı series on Show TV, performs in a bathtub in the theater play she plays.

Hazal Türesan is one of the most admired actresses of recent years. The young actress, who played the character of Beliz for two seasons in the Mucize Doktor series, appeared on Netflix with the Atiye series. Hazal Türesan still plays a role in the TV series “Yalancı” on Show TV.

The talented actress will appear in front of the audience with a theater play as well as the Yalancı series. Türesan plays a role in the play Küvetteki Gelinler staged by Tatkibat Sahne. Erdal Beşikçioğlu is the general director of the play.

In the theater play Küvetteki Gelinler, in which Naz Göktan and Selin Zafertepe act as well as Hazal Türesan, the actress perform their roles in bathtubs filled with water throughout the show. Therefore, the actress perform their performances wet.

The play, which created an event in many countries where it was staged before, such as England, Canada and Scotland, tells the story of three women being deceived by the fake love shown by the same man, defrauded, and then isolated and then destroyed by similar methods.

Speaking about the theater play recently, Hazal Türesan said, “We do not talk about violence with violence. This election was very important,” he said. Küvetteki Gelinler can be watched in Fişekhane on 27-28 October.