An important decision has been made in ATV's Kardeşlerim series!
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1 October 2022 08:57


An important decision has been made in ATV’s Kardeşlerim series!

One of the influential drama productions of the last season was Kardeşlerim. The team of the series, which made the season finale with the 18th episode, had been resting for a while.

An important decision has come for the second season of the series prepared by NGM. Before the new season of the series, the whole team came together and shared the changing story setup with the reading rehearsals. A very important part of the players will take place in the story.

While the preparations for the second season started with rehearsals, it was revealed that there were separations from the series and that different characters would join the story along with the new names. The only known name is that Çağla Şimşek, who gave life to the character of Ayşe, will no longer be in the story. In addition, 3 new characters are coming; Cemile, Dora and Kaan…

The first images from the reading rehearsals held in NGM’s garden were also released. It is understood from the images that the summer vacation is very beneficial for the actors.

The summer vacation was very beneficial to the team. The team of the series, which has renewed their energies and is more motivated for the second season, is ready for a strong comeback.

The actors, who draw attention with their cheerful and energetic attitudes, do not share information about what will happen in the new season.

The decision to return the series to the screen with its second season in September was another development that made the audience happy.

Fans who are very curious about the story of Asiye and Doruk characters in the new era are already reflecting the excitement of their return with the tag they opened on social media.

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