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5 July 2022 13:44


Another famous name was cast in the lead role with the poster in the Mahkum series

An exciting wait continues for Fox TV’s Mahkum series, which brings together famous actors. Before the first episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, December 14, first the trailers were shared, and finally the posters were published.

Two posters for the series also drew attention. The first poster featured the duo of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, and the poster work with a different concept gave a strong message for the story of the series.

The names of Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova and Seray Kaya were previously announced as the leading actors of the series. However, with the second poster published, we see that Hayal Köseoğlu is also presented to the audience as the leading role.

Another eye-catching poster of the new TV series “Mahkum” by MF Production, which is preparing to meet with the FOX audience, has been released. The leading actors dazzle in the second poster of “Mahkum”, which will be screened as an adaptation of the “Innocent Defendant” series.

In the director’s chair, Volkan Kocatürk sat, the screenplay was adapted by Uğraş Güneş, and in the cast of Hakan Karsak, Anıl İlter, Tugay Mercan, Muharrem Türkseven, Bülent Seyran, Furkan Kalabalık, Burcu Cavrar, Alara Bozbey, Gürberk Polat, Murat Şahan, Gökhan Tercan, Alya Sude Mazak, İlker Yağız Uysal, Nihal Koldaş, Bülent Düzgünoğlu, Mehmet Ulay and Hakan Salınmış take part.

In “Mahkum”; Fırat Bulut (Onur Tuna), an idealistic public prosecutor, wakes up one morning to find himself in prison. He doesn’t remember anything and is on trial for murdering his wife and daughter… The last case he investigated before he was imprisoned is the case of Barış Yesari, one of the twin brothers who are the successors of one of the country’s most prominent families, the Yesaris.

Breaths are already held for “Mahkum”, which will meet the audience with its first episode on Tuesday, December 14th, and the second episode on Thursday, December 16th, and then every Thursday.

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