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6 July 2022 09:53


What is Ali Atay doing after the finale of the Son Yaz series?

Son Yaz, which fascinated the audience with its story in the first season and was remembered with the magnificent performance of Ali Atay and Alperen Duymaz, unfortunately, only 5 episodes continued in the second season.

While Hafsanur Sancaktutan’s successful performance was praised, Funda Eryiğit’s departure at the end of the first season was a source of sadness. Birce Akalay’s participation in the series in the second season was not very effective and Son Yaz, which was broadcast for 5 episodes, unfortunately made the final with its 26th episode.

All his fans praised the performance of Ali Atay, who gave life to the character of Prosecutor Selim in the TV series Son Yaz. Since Ali Atay returned to the screen after a long time, his fans’ view of Son Yaz was a little different.

The followers of the famous actor, who asked what he was doing after the end of this production, made many posts on social media. The actor is preparing for the third season of Leyla ile Mecnun.

Ali Atay, who is married to Hazal Kaya, also had the opportunity to spend more time with his son Fikret Ali. The actor, who is currently resting, will participate in the shooting of the third season of the TV series Leyla ve Mecnun in January.

Saying that he spends time with his son, Ali Atay said, “It will start like January. We will go to the set in the middle of January,” he said.

Stating that his son recognized him when he saw him on the screen, the actor said, “He’s getting closer to the TV, he says daddy.”

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