Artists News Alperen Duymaz returned to the days of Son Yaz with Ego!

Alperen Duymaz returned to the days of Son Yaz with Ego!


Fans’ intense interest in young actorAlperen Duymaz has flared up again. Alperen Duymaz fans were very pleased with the strong story of the new series called Ego, which was broadcast on Fox TV on Sunday evenings.

Alperen Duymaz, who appeared with the character of Akgün in the Son Yaz (Last Summer) series and fascinated a wide audience thanks to this project, started to enchant his fans again with the Ego series after 1.5 years.

Alperen Duymaz’s partnership with Melisa Aslı Pamuk also receives great support in the series, which is known as EGO, the abbreviation of the first two episodes of which was published and the name Men Can’t Trust.

The two young actors, who also acted together in the Çarpışma (Clash) series and received great acclaim thanks to that production, are sharing the same set once again after years.

The repercussions of Alperen Duymaz’s very successful TV series couple with Hafsanur Sancaktutan in the Son Yaz series project also lasted for a long time.

Alperen Duymaz, now in strong harmony with Melisa Aslı Pamuk once again, reveals a tough and determined male character in the style that his fans love on screen.

The actor, whom we watched as Erhan, was with Sibel for 3 days in exchange for money. While everyone is wondering what they are doing in this process, the high reaction of Sibel’s family will be talked about a lot in the 3rd new episode.

The audience, who eagerly awaits the scenes of the Erhan character in the Ego series, will witness that he is already trying to protect Sibel, and you will see that the story has become more complicated.

You can watch the third new episode of Ego on Sunday, March 5, on Fox TV.