Another master actress passed away, Fatma Girik passed away!
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30 March 2023 04:56


Another master actress passed away, Fatma Girik passed away!

Fatma Girik, whose films we watched for years as one of the legendary names of Turkish Cinema, unfortunately passed away. Despite the information given by the relatives of the famous artist that he was caught in the coronavirus, there was no explanation about the cause of death.

Fatma Girik, who died at the age of 79, lived in Bodrum for a long time. It is also among the information that the actress, who returned to Istanbul 6 months ago, took this decision in order to have a better treatment.

Fatma Girik’s family friend, Filiz Kalkavan, said in her statement that Fatma Girik, who came to Istanbul for better treatment, was admitted to a private hospital about 2 weeks ago and was taken to the intensive care unit there.

Fatma Girik, who lost her life this morning, has filled her fans with great sadness. Fatma Girik, who stepped into the sets of Turkish Cinema at the age of 14, has appeared in about 200 films so far. The films named Kanlı Nigar and Yılanların Öcü were among the unforgettable productions.

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