The two questions that Onur Durmaz, the Engin of the Yargı TV series, face the most on the street!
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28 March 2023 02:41


The two questions that Onur Durmaz, the Engin of the Yargı TV series, face the most on the street!

Yargı series, Onur Durmaz has received the greatest benefit so far! Onur Durmaz, who plays the character of Engin in the TV series “Yargı” broadcast on Kanal D, is running from success to success. The actor, who won the award for the best debut actor of the year, left the series, but continues to reap the fruits of her success.

Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, the lead actors in the series Yargı, naturally came to the fore and continue to receive awards and stand out with great interactions on social media.

Onur Durmaz, with the character of Engin, is the name that stands out at least as much as, and perhaps more than, the leading actors in the series Yargı. The young actor did not hesitate to cut even his curly hair for his role in the series.

Onur Durmaz, who was very proud of the award he received, said how excited he was by saying “I don’t even know what to say”. The actor thanked those who gave him this award and said that it was a very honorable situation.

The young actor, who started 2022 by winning an award, also stated that it was not easy for him to reach this point in his career so far.

Onur Durmaz said, “There were times when I worked incredibly, times when I was hungry.” Stating that he continues to do what he enjoys, the actor stated that he does his best to bring out the best.

Explaining that he worked hard and worked hard, the actor also showed his modesty by saying “I can’t say I’ve come to a place yet”.

Onur Durmaz, who does not want to talk about the series in order not to give tips, said, “Are you dead? and who is the murderer?” He said that he was dealing with such questions.

Explaining that he could not give information about the status of the character in the series, the actor did not give any tips and explained that he was waiting for it with interest.

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