Artists News The TV series Yargı created a good career opportunity for young actor Ulvi Kahyaoğlu!

The TV series Yargı created a good career opportunity for young actor Ulvi Kahyaoğlu!


The Yargı (For My Family) series is a project that has been on the agenda for 3 seasons with its strong story and successful acting performances…

Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu duo is performing like an acting recital. Sema Ergenekon, who wrote the script of the series, managed to surprise the audience every week and ensured that the series remained on the agenda for a long time.

The Yargı series has very important successes such as its success abroad, the increasing number of countries in which it is broadcast, and the fact that the story attracts millions of people.

Very important actors took part in the story of the series, some of them left, but many of them continue their roles. One of the names that joined the story later was Ulvi Kahyaoğlu.

The young actor, who rose to fame with his character Kerem in the TV series Benim Adım Melek, which lasted for two seasons and attracted great attention, then made strong debuts in his career with important performances.

The actor, who attracted attention especially with his character Berk in the TV series Tozluyaka, is now in the cast of the TV series Yargı with the character Efe Ekneraz.

Ulvi Kayhaoğlu’s fans share many comments stating that they are very pleased with her performance in the TV series Yargı.

The viewers, who stated that the upright stance of the Efe character, especially in the last episodes, impressed them very much, send messages to the scriptwriter Sema Ergenekon to continue this situation.

Fans of the TV series Yargı, who are happy to see Efe’s justified reactions on the screen, also share praise for Ulvi Kahyaoğlu’s convincing performance.

A fan of the series says, “Efe has said everything I wanted to say to Ceylin for 3 seasons.”