Artists News The secret of Zuhal Olcay’s fit and ageless appearance has been revealed!

The secret of Zuhal Olcay’s fit and ageless appearance has been revealed!


Famous singer and actress Zuhal Olcay is someone who avoids exaggerated plastic surgeries… Zuhal Olcay, who is followed with admiration by many of her female followers regarding aging, shared some details about the secrets of her youth.

In her recent interview, Zuhal Olcay touched on exaggerated plastic surgeries and said: “When you have an operation done on your face, your hands will give you away. “If your face looks young and your hands look old, this aesthetic surgery has no meaning.”

Olcay, who has always attracted attention with her fit and ageless appearance, is also her close friend, She was spotted with Doctor Fügen Erdoğan Çekin on Bağdat Street.

Zuhal Olcay: “Fügen is both my friend and a wonderful doctor who supports me for my skin. “Today, we met for a wonderful afternoon, we will have dinner, then drink coffee,” she said, and shared the secret of her youth for the first time…

Here are the details of Zuhal Olcay’s secret: “The most frequently asked question when we meet on social media and on the street is what I put on my skin and what I apply. People even wonder which moisturizer and which under eye cream we apply. Fügen most recently applied ‘Vitamin Stem Cell’ treatment.”

Dermatologist Dr. Fügen Erdoğan Çekin gave the following information about the work he applied to Zuhal Olcay:

“With Vitamin Stem Cell treatment, we create the signal necessary for the renewal of young cells. When we apply the ‘vitamin stem cell’ to the skin, the skin receives a renewal signal and begins to renew. “In the past, we created and injected new cells in the laboratory, now we create the necessary signal for young cells.”