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4 July 2022 08:56


Another new actor has come to İyilik series, which is both criticized and watched!

It’s been a month since Fox TV’s TV series aired on Friday evenings. However, the series was not successful in the ratings. While waiting for Fox TV’s decision about İyilik (Goodness), which has increased in the ratings with its last episode, another name has been added to the cast.

İyilik, shot by Med Yapım and starring Hatice Şendil, Sera Kutlubey and İsmail Demirci, came to the screen with its fourth episode last night. The series has been heavily criticized on social media for its “immoral” storyline. However, on the other hand, viewers cannot stop watching İyilik.

It was learned that another name joined the cast of the series, which was both criticized and watched. Young actor Mehmet Aykaç agreed with the series İyilik.

Mehmet Aykaç, who stepped into the world of TV series in 2013 with the Eski Hikaye (Old Story), then starred in the TV series Sil Baştan, Kırgın Çiçekler and Bir Litre Gözyaşı. Mehmet Aykaç will give life to Sinan, the brother of Neslihan character played by Hatice Şendil in the TV series İyilik.

It was learned a few days ago that Çiçek Acar was included in the cast of the series İyilik. The actress, who played the character Gülistan in the last TV series Sevgili Geçmiş (Dear Past), returns to the sets three years later with the series “İyilik”.

İyilik series receives many criticisms and comments on social media due to its scenes full of bad examples such as intrigue, evil, deception, and lies. Despite such a reaction, the series managed to increase its ratings a little more.

On the other hand, the future of the İyilik series is a big question mark. It is not thought that Fox TV, which decided on the finale when the third episode of the series named Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny) was published, will behave differently about the series of İyilik.

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