Artists News Another reason why Gülsim Ali İlhan did not stay in the TV series Gönül Dağı for a long time has been revealed!

Another reason why Gülsim Ali İlhan did not stay in the TV series Gönül Dağı for a long time has been revealed!


Famous actress Gülsim Ali İlhan once again entered the hearts of her fans with the TV series Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain9, in which she played the lead actress in the first two seasons.

The actress, who had a very successful partnership with Berk Atan, said goodbye to the project at his own request at the end of the second season.

The shootings in Sivrihisar district, in Eskişehir’s steppe nature, reveal the fact that the Gönül Dağı series team carries out this work with great sacrifices. Sivrihisar district, which is very cold especially in the winter months, is a quiet place compared to a city like Istanbul, which has a wide range of social opportunities.

There was information that Gülsim Ali İlhan’s reason for leaving the series was her desire to return to her normal life. The actress’s latest statement explains her commitment to Istanbul and that it is not possible for her to stay anywhere else for a long time.

The actress says, “I am a lover of Istanbul. I really love every part of Istanbul. When I go on holiday somewhere, even for a short time, I miss Istanbul very much. “Even if there is traffic, I’m okay with that, that’s all.”

Gülsim Ali İlhan took the screen by storm last season as the female lead of the action series Al Sancak, together with Uğur Güneş. Although it was not possible for the series to continue in the second season, many viewers realized again how well Gülsim Ali İlhan suits action series.

Will the actress appear on the sets again in the new season? Stating that she does not have a clear agreement yet, the actress is in the process of evaluating incoming projects.

Reminding that new TV series started in September, the actress said, “For the last few years, new works have started to appear in January and February. So was Al Sancak. “Let’s see, I’ll probably return to the screens then, I miss it so much,” she said.

The actress explained that she spends her free time watching movies and theater, and also started boxing training. The actress explained that she received fight training for the series and that she had a background, and also explained that she bruised everywhere while boxing.

Stating that she focuses on sports and that sports, which were previously distant from her, have now become a part of her life, the player spoke assertively by saying, “I will come to the new season like a bomb.”