Appreciable behavior from Esra Bilgiç! Great sacrifice for the Atatürk series!
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3 February 2023 12:32


Appreciable behavior from Esra Bilgiç! Great sacrifice for the Atatürk series!

The fact that the famous actress Esra Bilgiç has not been on the screen for a while is a matter that upsets her fans. The actress, who took the lead role in the TV series called Kanunsuz Topraklar (Unlawful Lands) last season, did not choose a new television series for the new season.

It is known that the actress took part in the ambitious series prepared for Disney Plus named Atatürk. The shooting of the new digital series starring Aras Bulut İynemli has been completed. Esra Bilgiç also took her place in this story with a special role.

The actress, who received messages from her fans about why she was not in the series, responded to her fans’ reproach by making an explanation for this situation.

Explaining that they finished the shooting of the Atatürk series, the actress said, “I finished the shooting of the Atatürk series. Our set was finished 4-5 days ago. They are working, they will probably finish by the end of this month. It was very nice,” she said.

Although her role is not one of the main characters in the story, Esra Bilgiç is very pleased that she is also involved in such an important project. The actress, who had a short role in this story with the character of Madame Corinne, said, “I am a character without a stage weight, but in a role with a lot of responsibility. It’s very ingrained for me,” she said.

Reminding her fans about why she is not on TV, Esra Bilgiç said, “Because there is a project I am waiting for. I wanted to spare time for the Atatürk TV series because it is another project.”

There were allegations that Esra Bilgiç could also take part in the project, which Yılmaz Erdoğan turned into a TV series, called Organize İşler.

While the famous actress stated that she did not want to make a statement on this subject, she also signaled that she could take part in the project by saying, “You will hear soon, it would not be right for me to say anything about it.”

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