Darmaduman and Hayat Bugün series has been a big problem for Fox TV and Show TV!
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3 February 2023 14:09


Darmaduman and Hayat Bugün series has been a big problem for Fox TV and Show TV!

Unfortunately, the two most trusted productions among the TV series broadcast on Fox TV and Show TV screens cannot meet the expectations. We are talking about Darmaduman and Hayat Bugün (Life Today) projects. Both series progressed through a very good story setup and cadres of very successful actors were formed.

According to the ratings from the Darmaduman series, Fox TV is in serious trouble. For Fox TV, it is observed that the Darmaduman project is starting to become a source of great distress.

In terms of Show TV, the situation is a little different. Because, with the channel’s support for series from the past and long-term projects to the fore, the dissatisfaction of the audience is much less.

The ratings of Darmaduman, which aired on Saturday evenings, and Hayat Bugün, which aired on Wednesday evenings, dropped far below acceptable limits.

In other words, it is not easy for a series that has fallen into this situation to make a big breakthrough no matter what it does in the upcoming period.

While the audience does not show enough interest in both series, this situation seems difficult to change.

Of course, since the audience of both series is partially formed, if both Fox TV and Show TV decide to take it off suddenly, this time it will receive great criticism from those who like the series.

It seems that if the channel officials continue the series, it will be a problem, if they take early final decisions, it will be another problem.

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