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26 May 2022 08:50


Are Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin getting married? What did the young actress say in the face of the allegations?

Miray Daner, who made a breakthrough with the character of “Hilal”, which she played in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, broadcast on Kanal D, became the sought-after face of the screens after the series.

The actress, who shared the lead roles with Nejat İşler and Boran Kuzum in the BluTV series Saygı, made a strong impression with her successful acting performance. The actress, who most recently appeared in director Zeki Demirkubuz’s movie named Hayat, is currently on the agenda with her love life.

It was revealed that Miray Daner met with Oğulcan Engin, the son of the couple Seda Sayan and Sinan Engin, after the shooting of the movie Hayat in Sinop.

While Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin couple were trying to live their relationship away from the tabloid press, Daner declared her love with a post on social media. The couple, who continues to be full of love, has recently come to the agenda with the news of ‘They will get married’.

Miray Daner put an end to her marriage claims. The beautiful actress, who was displayed with her lover at a theater premiere, made a statement regarding the news that she and Oğulcan Engin will get married in the summer, “There is no such thing, the news of marriage in the summer is a lie”.

Miray Daner will soon be on the screen with Kara Tahta series. The partner of the actress in the series to be broadcast on TRT1 screens is Furkan Andıç.

Miray Daner, who will give life to the character of “Irmak” in the series, and “Atlas” character, played by Furkan Andıç, will take place in the story as two old lovers who fell in love during their school years but then broke up and reunited years later.

Fans will watch Furkan Andıç, who plays the character of “Atlas” in Kara Tahta, which stands out as a youth TV series, as a mathematics teacher.

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