As such, we could not recognize Demet Özdemir.
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4 December 2022 04:31


As such, we could not recognize Demet Özdemir.

Demet Özdemir, who came to the screen with the TV series My Home My Destiny, which was broadcast on tv8, came to the fore with her photographs with an interview she gave to a magazine. The actress became the cover girl of the new issue of the magazine PartMag. It was almost very difficult to recognize Demet Özdemir with the make-up applied and the wig with bangs!

Those who could not believe Demet Özdemir’s appearance in the photograph, in which a follower praised the beauty of Demet Özdemir, saying “I cannot write a comment because of looking at the photo” was in the majority. Some of her followers “Lady Demet, is this you?” It is also seen that she made comments.

The photo of the actress, who was transformed into a completely different person with make-up, was suddenly met with great interest in social media. With her black outfit, Cleopatra make-up and wig, it is really not easy to recognize the actress at first glance. “Bang is good, fantastic, everything suits you, this is my flower, you became a legend like Cleopatra” comments are raining to the actress.

Demet Özdemir, who was applauded by her audience with her acting, proved her age in the drama series after the romantic comedy series. At the same time, the words of the actress, who won the admiration of her followers with her elegant and natural state and beauty, also drew attention in the interview she gave to the magazine. The famous actress, who appeals to the essences with her elegant image and beauty, addressed the hearts with her words.

The famous actress won hearts with her words:

“I don’t think it’s all about you. It’s not all about me. It’s all about us. I took part in their new journey. It was a shooting and an interview where my dreams came true. At least as excited as you are! I love you all. You have a nice way.”

Here are the shares of the acterss:

Demet Özdemir is seen in a white dress in another photograph she gave to the magazine.

Another sharing of the actress was with her tiny cat. It did not go unnoticed that the kitten that she adopted during the pandemic period has grown well. Here is Demet Özdemir and her cat …

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