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12 August 2022 19:38


AsDor brought the first place to Kardeşlerim TV series on ATV

You can often see the characters of Asiye and Doruk in the comments about the series Kardeşlerim on social media. The second season of the series, which was broadcast on ATV, continues at a successful pace.

It was considered normal for the series to take second place in the ratings until now. However, this week, in the category of all people, Kardeşlerim series won the first place, leaving Gönül Dağı behind. This is a very important achievement. Kardeşlerim achieved this by increasing the rating a little.

According to the opinion of social media users, the characters of Asiye and Doruk lead the way in the good ratings of the series. With the successful harmony of the duo of Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran, AsDor tags exploded in all social media.

Praising the successful performances of the two young actors, the audience shares thousands of messages with AsDor hashtags. Asiye and Doruk are one of the most talked-about TV series couples on social media.

Those who watched the TV series Kardeşlerim loved this love story of Asiye and Doruk. Even though they are separated sometimes, the emotions of the characters and the way they make them feel on the screen are very effective.

Of course, the animation performances of the two young actors as if they were them are one of the most important reasons for this success.

According to the fans of Kardeşlerim TV series, AsDor is behind the good progress in the ratings… You can see thousands of messages about the duo on the social media platform. Almost all of these messages are positive.

In the research conducted for the last week of October, 924,000 messages were shared on social media for the characters Asiye and Doruk. This message for a series couple in just one week is enough to tell how popular they are.

As the place of Asiye and Doruk, the most talked-about series couple of the week, increases in the story, the desire of the audience to stay on the screen increases.

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