Asia, which broke the bridges in the Sadakatsiz series, is waging a big war!
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29 November 2022 21:30


Asia, which broke the bridges in the Sadakatsiz series, is waging a big war!

Things didn’t go well this season in Kanal D’s “Sadakatsiz” series, signed by Med Yapım, starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Berkay Ateş. The efforts of the screenwriters to save the series were also not effective.

Unable to find what he was looking for in the ratings, there was an unexpected separation in the last episode of Sadakatsiz. For a long time, Asya had a problem with Aras due to her son Ali, but fortunately, when her son’s lies were revealed, they reconciled and took steps to establish a new life. Unfortunately, this has put the stagnating story into a dead end.

Haluk Güçlü, the father of Derin’s character, played by Melis Sezen before, said goodbye to the story after a heart attack. Aras was accused by Haluk Güçlü’s family for causing this situation, and Asya for not saving his life. During the conversation between Asya and Aras in the last scene, when a word made by Aras caused Asya to find him guilty, the paths of the two diverged.

As the Sadakatsiz approached to the finale, the story turned to the beginning and Asya started to burn with the fire of revenge again. In the new episodes, viewers will now watch an Asya who has promised herself to take revenge on everyone who ruined her life and upset her son.

One of the best TV series of Kanal D, Sadakatsız has connected a large audience to itself with the ratings it has achieved so far. Let’s see if there will be a new momentum with this new move of the screenwriters. Because the bickering of Asya, Melis and Gönül no longer gives anything to the audience and seems to have lost its excitement in the first episodes.

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