Artists News Ekin Koç, the leading actress of the new series called Taş Kağıt Makas, plays a character that will surprise the audience!

Ekin Koç, the leading actress of the new series called Taş Kağıt Makas, plays a character that will surprise the audience!


Let us immediately remind you that the new Kanal D series called Taş Kağıt Makas (Stone Paper Scissors) will be presented to the audience with its first episode on Wednesday evening.

The excitement of the audience increases as the trailers of the series, which arouses curiosity with its cast and strong story, are released.

The cast of the series includes successful names such as Ekin Koç, Serra Arıtürk, Ozan Güven, Hande Ataizi, Burak Yörük, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Aytaç Uşun, Bülent Seyran, Selim Galip, Anıl Taşezen.

It seems that the audience, who is eagerly waiting for what kind of TV series couple Ekin Koç and Serra Arıtürk will be, will also watch Ozan Güven, who returned to television series after many years, with curiosity.

After her success as Cana in the TV series Camdaki Kız, Hande Ataizi will appear before the audience again with this series.

The story of the series seems to attract attention. Alev’s (Serra Arıtürk) great determination, Harun’s (Ozan Güven) brilliant intelligence, as well as his deep structure and the power struggles of Fecir (Burak Yörük), an incorrigible sociopath, write the story. The name is Uğraş Güneş. Yusuf Pirhasan is sitting in the director’s chair of the series.

The actors expressed the signal that the series will be one of the most ambitious projects of the season with their statements. Ekin Koç, who plays the leading role, stated that he was very excited and said:

“It was a scenario that I was already very excited about. I don’t know what the whole looks like because I always shoot it piece by piece, a little from the beginning and a little from the middle. I won’t be able to say anything without watching it. I hope we did a good job.”

Explaining that the most important thing for him is the story, the actor also drew attention to the illness of his character Umut. Hypertinesis is known as having extremely superior autobiographical memory and being able to recall all details of past events and experiences with great accuracy. The very rare hyperthymesia disease will be reflected on the screens with the character Umut.

Ekin Koç explained the following on this subject: “The most important thing, from my perspective and from the perspective of the story, is that Umut has hyperthymesia. This gives him an extraordinary memory. It also means remembering some tragic events he experienced in the past. “He is someone who lives on and off inside, and a new tragedy will occur in his family, and he will have to use his memory for new things.”