Aslı Bekiroğlu's African braid hairstyle is liked
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1 October 2022 01:55


Aslı Bekiroğlu’s African braid hairstyle is liked

The famous actress Aslı Bekiroğlu shared her photo at a wedding she attended in the past. The famous actress received great admiration from her fans with her friend Ezgi Naz Muhcıyazgan at the wedding.

Aslı Bekiroğlu, who was seen with the African Braid hairstyle at the wedding she attended in 2018, also amazed her fans. Bekiroğlu published the following photo with the note “The best wedding I have ever visited. Undoubtedly. Dear Ezgi, dear Ali”.

Aslı Bekiroğlu had kept up with African Braid hair fashion for a while. In those days, the actress, who was attracted by her followers, received the comments “This state of your hair is perfect”.

The actress, who most recently starred in the series My Sweet Lie, was also a guest in the final episode of the former series Jet Society.

You can watch the final episode of the Jet Society series on Star TV on Wednesday, May 6.

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