Aslıhan Güner took a break from the series, took part in the movie
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6 October 2022 12:33


Aslıhan Güner took a break from the series, took part in the movie

The famous actress Aslıhan Güner touched the hearts with the Yıldız character in the North Star series published on Show TV, impressing the audience. Having made a great return after being away from the screen for a long time, Aslıhan Güner both increased its popularity and enabled Show TV to receive good ratings.

The North Star TV series team, which took a break from the end of the season at the end of June, will meet again in the second week of August. Aslıhan Güner fit both a holiday and a new project into this short break. The movie, The Hanımağanın Gelinleri prepared by TRT1, will meet with the audience on Friday, July 31, 20.00, the first day of Eid al-Adha.

Stating that she was experiencing a new excitement from her Instagram account, the famous actress invited her fans to the screen with her sharing.

Aslıhan Güner said, “I am a new me. We met with “Defne” for a short time. Of course I liked it very much. It was a nice journey together. Will you love Defne, an archaeologist daughter of a German mother and a Turkish father? On the first day of the feast, on July 31, at 20.00, we meet at TRT1” and expressed her excitement.

Aslıhan Güner, who plays the leading roles, Burak Serdar Şanal, who has filled her eyes in the Love and Secrets series, will meet the audience. Also in the staff; There are also names such as Benian Dönmez, Cezmi Baskın, Ferdi Sancar, Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, Giray Altınok, Berfu Öngören, Güzide Arslan.

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