Asya is in a big stalemate in Sadakatsiz! Will she sacrifice herself for her son?
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1 February 2023 12:22


Asya is in a big stalemate in Sadakatsiz! Will she sacrifice herself for her son?

Kanal D’s successful TV series Sadakatsiz has been struggling with the ratings in recent weeks. Berkay Ateş’s introduction to the story in the new season of the series, which attracted attention especially with the decrease in its ratings last week, did not make the audience happy at all. The audience thinks that the character of Aras, played by Ateş, is making a mess. However, things are getting more mixed this week in Sadakatsiz.

Asya’s meeting with Aras, Aras’s marriage, the fact that his wife Leyla and Volkan, who is about to divorce, did not leave the couple alone, frightened the audience of Sadakatsiz. The viewer of Sadakatsiz, who thinks the story is too boring now, is also very disturbed by Volkan’s behavior towards Asya, which now amounts to psychological violence.

Another issue that bothers the Sadakatsiz audience is the behavior of Asya and Volkan’s son Ali. Ali, who acts like a small child to the audience, is an extremely annoying character. But we have bad news for the audience. Because Ali continues his annoying behavior in this week’s episode.

In the 43rd episode of Sadakatsiz, which will air on Wednesday evening, Asya has to make a very serious decision. Starring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen, Caner Cindoruk and Berkay Ateş, the following will be in this week’s episode of the series:

Asya finds herself in a dead end again when Ali and Volkan come to Aras’s house and witness his marriage proposal. While she hasn’t been able to answer this proposal yet, Leyla’s divorce from Aras, but her not giving up on him further complicates things. Leyla is accompanied by a surprise name in her new plan. As Ali gets closer to his father on all these developments, it is time for a big decision for Asya. Will she sacrifice her own life for her son or will she do something for herself by saying “yes” to Aras.

Cansu Dere won awards in Spain and Latin America for her role in Sadakatsiz. However, the series is experiencing a huge drop in ratings in Turkey. While Kuruluş Osman holds the first place in the rating, the new series of Wednesday evenings, Annemizi Saklarken, emerges as a rival to Sadakatsiz.

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