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26 May 2022 08:11


Atv’s most talked-about series, Kardeşlerim, has added another name to its successful cast!

Kardeşlerim series, which met with the audience on ATV screens on Saturday evenings, continues on its way with successful ratings. A new name joins the series, which has a young cast, to strengthen the story.

In addition to young actors such as Yiğit Koçak, Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, Onur Seyit Yaran, Cihan Şimşek, Gözde Türker, Lizge Cömert, Recep Usta, Melis Minkari, Berk Ali Çatal, who had the opportunity to showcase their talents, Celil Nalçakan, Ahu Yağtu, Cüneyt Mete, There are also names that give life to important characters in the story, such as Fadik Sevin Atasoy and Simge Selçuk.

Evrim Doğan joins the cast of the series directed by Serkanİlk and written by Gül Abus Semerci. The actress will give life to the character of Gönül, who runs a shopkeeper’s restaurant in the series.

Gönül’s involvement in the story will cause tension between the two women because of the character of Şengül, played by Fadik Sevin Atasoy, and Orhan, played by Cüneyt Mete. It is thought that these scenes of women struggling with each other, constantly toiling, tense women will add color to the series.

Evrim Doğan, who appeared in front of the audience with TV series such as Arka Sıradakiler, Bizim Hikaye, Kadın, Kardeş Çocukları and Sen Çal Kapımı most recently participated in the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey as a guest actress with the character of Nadide.

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