Artists News Aybüke Pusat’s fake account confession: “I’m a stalker queen!”

Aybüke Pusat’s fake account confession: “I’m a stalker queen!”


Aybüke Pusat plays the character of Güneş in the TV series “Hayaller ve Hayatlar” by NG Medya, which started broadcasting on beIN CONNECT last month. The actress, whose star shines in the Medcezir series, manages to make a name for herself with the successful projects she takes part in.

Aybüke Pusat, who was a guest of the Onedio Youtube channel with her co-star Serkay Tütüncü from the Hayaller ve Hayatlar series, made an important confession in the program. The actress admitting that she has fake accounts on both twitter and instagram; “I even have a fake LinkedIn account. I’m a stalker queen,” she said.

In this regard, the actress stated that she established a network system, a network for herself, but she said that she always used it for her friends, not for herself, and made the following statement;

“Actually, I wasn’t like this before, but then I went through some things and changed my mind. For example, things like this happen. My friend’s friend saw a boy at the bar who looked like who I don’t know. This is told to me and for an hour I find out who the boy is. I can access everything like his exes, his job, where he studied, how he dresses and where he is going.”

The poses of the beautiful actress with her pink tie-dye mini skirt and bustier after the interview were talked about a lot last week, and she received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Aybüke Pusat is preparing to come to the screen with the mystical detective series Alef Mal-i Hülya, whose first season is highly acclaimed, on Blu TV, as well as the Hayaller ve Hayatlar series broadcast on BeinConnect.