Artists News AybükePusat’s farewell to ‘The Oath’ series

AybükePusat’s farewell to ‘The Oath’ series


The second season finale of ‘The Oath’ series met with the audience on Monday, June 11th.

TolgaSarıtaş and AybükePusat were leading actors in the series.

The episode of AybükePusat’s hit Bahar character was shot by Derman.

Bahar lost her life struggle, and thus a period of time had passed.

The love of Bahar and Yavuz was a constantly criticized series audience.

In fact, it was observed that she did not have a good match with TolgaSaritas.

It’s not that the spectators are sad at this point as the Bahar character separates.

AybükePusat showed that it was a habit to leave early in the series.

Pusat’s well-received pose was of interest.

She shared photos with her partner TolgaSarıtaş.