Artists News MeryemUzerli’s career came into a risk

MeryemUzerli’s career came into a risk


MeryemUzerli was overly concerned about her aesthetic, and her career came into the risk.

She, who receives a warning from a famous director, will come to Istanbul to receive expert help to correct her face.

She decided to return to its natural state.

She played Hürrem in the ‘Magnificent Century’ series between 2011 and 2014.

At that time there was no aesthetic operation on Meryem’s face.

In the last 2 years, the she has filled the eyes, temples and lips.

This preference of the player gathered great criticism.

Finally, a famous director, 34-year-old actress who warned, “It’s a pity, fix your face”, acted to return from the mistake.

She who decided to dissolve the fillings on face and lips will come to Istanbul in the coming days and meet with her doctor and return to her natural state.