Ayça Erturan starts a new series project
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24 March 2023 11:46


Ayça Erturan starts a new series project

Ayça Erturan, who is known for her Very Beautiful Movements and attracts attention with her being in a few projects, was in the series of Women on the last screen.

Ayça Erturan, who will be remembered by Yeliz character, will be a part of a sad story in the series. The actress, one of the first to leave the women’s series, has successfully played 48 episodes in this production.

Ayça Erturan is getting ready to meet her fans with a new series in the new season. The successful actress joined the cast of the series called Fault.

The Fault series, starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan, will be a superhero story.

Ayça Erturan will also play the character named Filiz in this series ..

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