The most talked about duo of Maviye Sürgün; Damla Sönmez and Ayça Erturan!
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2 December 2022 09:05


The most talked about duo of Maviye Sürgün; Damla Sönmez and Ayça Erturan!

The shooting of the TV series Maviye Sürgün (Blue Exile), signed by O3 Medya, continues in Marmaris. The difference of Maviye Sürgün from other projects is that it is prepared for Latin America, where Turkish TV series are watched a lot.

The series, which arouses curiosity in this respect, is a big step for the Turkish TV series industry to spread to wider geographies around the world.

Maviye Sürgün, which is expected to consist of 26 episodes, stands out as a remarkable production with its ambitious cast.

In the series starring Caner Cindoruk and Damla Sönmez, the duo is accompanied by an experienced cast including Bülent Şakrak, Serkan Altunorak and Ayça Erturan.

The social media accounts of the actors of the series from time to time increase the curiosity. Damla Sönmez shared the following post with her co-star Ayça Erturan on Instagram; It dropped the “gypsy pink with pistachio green” rating.

Maviye Sürgün was also the return project of Ayça Erturan, who has a daughter from her marriage to Levent Kırca’s son Oğulcan Kırca, and who took a break from her profession while raising her daughter.

In the project, whose script was written by Murat Dişli, Erturan gives life to the role of ‘Zehra’, who killed her husband and was released in a short time due to self-defense.

The character of “Defne”, in which she plays Damla Sönmez, will support Zehra, whom no one hires. There is a strong bond between the two in the story of Maviye Sürgün!

If the project, which is expected to debut in South American countries first, attracts attention abroad, similar projects may increase rapidly in the future.

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