Artists News For Damla Sönmez, her love for the acting profession has no description!

For Damla Sönmez, her love for the acting profession has no description!


Damla Sönmez, who continued to appear on the Show TV screen with the TV series Maviye Sürgün (Blue Cage), became one of the names on the agenda with her portrayal of Defne character. The Maviye Sürgün series, which was created by targeting TV series viewers in Latin America, came to the fore as one of the Turkish TV series that attracted attention abroad with the name Blue Cage.

Maviye Sürgün, which Show TV also started to broadcast in the summer, with its strong story and successful acting performances, became one of the productions talked about. Damla Sönmez, whom we watch as Defne in the series, also draws attention with her statements.

Answering Ömür Sabuncu’s questions, the actress also experiences the difference of doing her childhood dream job. Damla Sönmez expressed her passion for the acting profession with these words:

“I don’t think you can explain why you’re in love with someone. I don’t know the answer to that either, I can’t say ‘for this reason’. Understanding people and explaining them to someone is something I love. I love the sense of unity there.”

Stating that she was very pleased to find common ground with people in foreign countries and different cultures when she talked about the troubles she experienced in her own culture, Damla Sönmez considers acting as a unifying force for this reason.

Stating that her family was always worried about acting, but they also stood behind her, Damla Sönmez said that she had no difficulty in persuading.

The actress stated that her “concern for the future” is her family’s concern, but when she saw her determination, she received their support.

Damla Sönmez described her family’s support as “They say, no matter what job you do, do your job well”.

Explaining that she is an enthusiastic and likes to do everything quickly, the actress also explained that after her 30s, her reactions changed and she started to get to know herself better.