Artists News Damla Sönmez fulfilled her childhood dream!

Damla Sönmez fulfilled her childhood dream!


Famous actress Damla Sönmez takes the lead role in the TV series Maviye Sürgün (Blue Cage), which continues on Show TV in the summer and was shot in 25 episodes.

The successful performance of Damla Sönmez, who takes the lead role in the series with Caner Cindoruk and Serkan Altunorak, is followed with appreciation by her fans.

Damla Sönmez has actually fulfilled her childhood dream as an actress. “Acting was my childhood dream,” Sönmez said. Stating that she did not know exactly what attracted her to acting, Damla Sönmez drew attention with the following words:

“I love understanding people and explaining them to someone. I love that sense of unity there. We can do this more in movies, not in dramas.”

The actress, who said that when she went to different countries for festival films, her interest in the story that came out of a culture that the people there did not know very much affected her, and she explained how this reflected on her:

“When you come face to face with the audience at the other end of the world in a very unrelated culture at the festivals, the happiness you experience when you realize that the problem you describe in your own culture finds a response there too, is unbelievable. It has a very unifying power.”