Series News Series offers came to Savaş Özdemir in a row!

Series offers came to Savaş Özdemir in a row!


Savaş Özdemir, who attracted great attention with the character of the Tipi he played in the phenomenon series called Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits), continued his career with the TV series Benim Hayatım and Sıfırıncı Gün.

The actor, who has not been on the screen for a while, receives information that different offers are made from the producers.

There is information that the new version of Deli Yürek, one of the productions that left a mark in the history of Turkish TV series, which was signed by Osman Sinav and published in 1998, is being prepared and that Savaş Özdemir is in talks to be in the cast.

It is stated that another role offer for Savaş Özdemir came from the TV series “Teşkilat” (Organization), which was broadcast on TRT1 screens on Sunday evenings and won great success.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting what Savaş Özdemir will do in the new season, after evaluating the offers and not making a clear decision yet.