Series News Good news from the Ya Çok Seversen series came one after another!

Good news from the Ya Çok Seversen series came one after another!


Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love), in which Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan starred, managed to impress the audience once again with its third episode. The impressive harmony of the two young actors became even more prominent in the story as the characters Leyla and Ateş started to fall in love.

Two good news came one after the other with the third episode of Ya Çok Seversen, which was broadcast on Thursday evening. The first of these news took place at the point of ratings. The fact that the series started to rise by getting much better rates than the other two episodes was a development that made the fans happy.

Ya Çok Seversen series was quite surprising with the ratings that came below expectations. In the third episode, the love-filled moments of Ateş and Leyla characters appear on the screen, and it is considered as a good development that the series debuted in the ratings.

The fact that the series was the most watched TV series in the AB category in the ratings was also a great morale booster for the team. It is expected that this rating will continue in the 4th episode of the series.

Good news from the Ya Çok Seversen series came one after another! 7

Another good development about Ya Çok Seversen took place on social media. It did not go unnoticed that the third episode of the series was on the agenda in different countries besides Turkey.

We know that the series has made a very effective debut on social media for a while. However, the continuation of this situation and its spread to different countries continues to be a development that raises the morale of the team.

In the 24-hour period, Ya Çok Seversen series, which is on the world agenda; Being on the agenda in 18 different countries, including Spain, Argentina, Slovakia, Brazil, Kosovo, Honduras, Georgia and Panama, was also recorded as a very important success.