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29 September 2022 18:20


Back Streets | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series) Analysis – The TV series ‘Back Streets’, which was produced by the legends of Yeşilçam Türker Inanoglu, has been on the screen for 14 years, and has written its name among the longest running series in Turkish television history. The phenomenon series, which has been published in Kanal D for 14 years with a detective story, continues to be at the top, especially in the Total Group ratings. Zafer Ergin, Rıza Baba of Back Streets, who is now 77 years old, was 63 when the series started.

For the veteran actor, the series has also aged, but he has not yet retired and has taken jokes on social media. Onur Bay, who plays Tekin, the son of Hüsnü Çoban, became a huge young man in the series he started as a child. The ones who were born when the series started are 14 years old. The series has thrown into the hearts of millions, with its ever-changing story full of surprises, sometimes with drama scenes, which sometimes makes you laugh. It is believed that Back Streets will continue for many years.


Channel: Channel D

Producer: Erler Film-Türker İnanoğlu

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Crime Drama

Release Date: July 31, 2006

Location: Istanbul

Number of episodes: 556 (series continues)

Number of Seasons: 14

Duration: 130 minutes

Music: Murat Evgin

Starring: Zafer Ergin, Şevket Çoruh, Özgür Ozan

Cast: Oya Okar, Alp Korkmaz, Ozan Çobanoğlu, İlker İnanoğlu, Merve Oflaz, Yiğitcan Ergin, Ela Yörüklü

Screenwriter: Ahmet Yurdakul, Ozan Yurdakul, Sinan Yurdakul, Ömer Genç

Director: Orhan Oğuz


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In the series, the family lives and the adventures of the police officers working in a special team at the Istanbul Police Department Public Security Branch Directorate are described.

And these courageous policemen, who always challenge each other with evil and hardship, in joy, grief, love and loneliness, with each other to combat every kind of evil and hardship in order to make every street of this city a more beautiful, more livable place for everyone. “With their minibuses, this metropolis wanders the streets of the city and sees how many criminals there are, and they become the fearful dreams of the criminals by fighting against the lawlessness of all kinds of trouble.

The team constantly encounters different and diverse human stories during their duties. Rıza Baba becomes the chief of safety, who occasionally smiles, occasionally feels internal, and approaches the other young members of the team, approaching these stories with his experience and ‘fatherhood’.


The shooting of the Back Streets series is taking place in Istanbul. Some parts of the past were shot in Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır. The main building of the series is located in Istanbul Vatan Avenue, Istanbul Vatan Street. Beyoğlu, Istiklal Avenue and Taksim surroundings are used as exterior shooting locations.


It is an indisputable fact that it is the most successful series in Turkish television history. There is no other production that performed successfully for 14 seasons. Back Streets is a production that is also a phenomenon with the characters in the series. The characters of Hüsnü Çoban, Mesut Güneri, Rıza Soylu are the immersive elements of the series. The series, which was built on these 3 characters, had a great impact on the audience every year it was broadcast.

Under the series taking so long and gaining the hearts of the audience, it is the feeling that the police officers who do their job correctly and honestly are fighting for the citizen.

The series has taken many years to continue, as it tells of a world longed for in real life.


Zafer Ergin- Rıza Soylu

Sevket Çoruh- Mesut Güneri

Özgür Ozan-Hüsnü Çoban

Oya Okar- Selin Demirci

Alp Korkmaz-Ali Akdogan

Ozan Çobanoğlu- Hakan Çınar

İlker İnanoğlu-Engin Balkan

Merve Oflaz-Bahar Ayan

Yiğitcan Ergin-Cemal Şahin

Ela Yörüklü- Ezgi Vural

Tunç Oğuz – Aslı Can

Yüsra Geyik – Onur Bay

Kerimhan Duman

Ecem Öz – Efe Günay

Nazli Tosunoglu

Hülya Kalebayır Çelik

Garip Kont


The scene where Rıza Baba was shot with an accident bullet …

Poem by Rıza Baba: “I looked into the eyes of death!”

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A funny scene from the legendary series


The generic music of Back Streets, which has been on the screens for many years, belongs to Murat Evgin. The successful musician also released an album named after the series.


An official channel has opened for Back Streets on youtube. In this channel, you can watch both the special scenes and trailers of the series.

Different scenes of many characters in the series Back Streets are also presented on this channel. You can watch all the episodes on Kanal D’s website.

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