Work begins on the series of the Zümrüdüanka
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29 March 2023 19:44


Work begins on the series of the Zümrüdüanka

In the Zümrüdüanka series, in which Alp Navruz and Ceren Yılmaz shared the leading roles, the shooting was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team of the series has been in quarantine since mid-March. After the normalization steps taken in June, plans were also made in the Zümrüdüanka series.

The series, which received great acclaim with its first 9 episodes, had to complete its first season due to the pandemic. It turned out that the works for the second season of the series will begin on July 1.

The series signed by Pastel Film goes back to the set. Work will begin on Wednesday, July 1 in Ürgüp.

It is not yet known when the new episodes of the series, which includes names such as Hatice Aslan, Selim Bayraktar, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Serhat Özcan and Sebahat Fabric, will be published.

The team is expected to work with stock departments, assessing the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Zümrüdüanka fans, on the other hand, desire to reach their series soon. In the summer, when ratings and advertising revenues are low, the release of new episodes will be conditional.

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