Series News Who plays which character in the new TV series called Senden Önce?

Who plays which character in the new TV series called Senden Önce?


Senden Önce (Before You) is a gripping story as well as; Warm and sincere images will be displayed on the screen and will touch hearts with neighborhood stories. In the series, which brings together young talents and masters in the same project, Altan Erkekli plays the character of “Derman”, the neighborhood greengrocer; Nalan Kuruçim started to appear before the audience as Semiha, Işıl Dayıoğlu as Adalet, Uğur Biçer as Serdar, and Taha Ünal as Emir.

The first episode of the series, which was broadcast on Tuesday evening, February 13, stars Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya. Feride Kaytan is the director of Senden Önce, whose script was written by Başak Angigün. Who plays which character in the TV series Senden Önce? here are the details:


His job was to build, but Hakan could not build a real home for himself. Being truly loved is one thing, being sure of the reality of love is another. He could never be sure of his wife’s love, and he never could be. He had a small love affair during a business trip, but got into big trouble. You know, he wanted everything to be real; without lying or cheating. That’s how it was now. Merve was real, but because she was real, it was impossible to love her anymore. Could he still succeed? If it was Hakan, of course it was possible. Because he had achieved everything he set his mind to since his childhood.


Merve recognized herself as nobody’s nothing. But she devoted herself to being everything to a person. She devoted her heart to being a family. First, she knocked on the door of friendship, trying to see if friends can become a family, then she pushed the door of love and tried to establish a home with her husband. Being a family was something that could be learned later, but being friends and enemies for this cause was an unexpected battle. Still, Merve resisted; After all, resistance was a little toy that he had been carrying in her bag for a long time.

Who plays which character in the new TV series called Senden Önce? 7


The unfortunate incident that happened to her when she was a child changed Sahra’s entire life and her perspective on life… While being the daughter of one man made her sick enough, she couldn’t even bring herself to become the wife of another man. She hasn’t established a home, she hasn’t even dreamed of it. And she didn’t! For him, love is not something to be held, but something to be escaped from. According to Sahra, the ending is bad.


Those who do not learn from experience will only get tired and are doomed to collapse. Kaan, unlike his brother Hakan, is the one who laments, not resists, in difficult times. It’s romantic, it’s fragile. It bleeds easily, it is easily fooled, and unfortunately it does not heal easily. Kaan is a bit melancholy and obsessed. He cannot easily find answers, he does not question them because he prefers to trust. He is a good person and that is why he has never been able to feel completely good, he has never been able to say that he is well to the fullest.


Ömer is not aware that what he knows as love is a heavy obsession. Even if he does, he won’t turn back from his path, he won’t give up. You know how Mevlana said, “Love is not as much as you think, but as much as it hurts”; Neither of them can cleanse Ömer anymore. He is no longer concerned with burning, but with burning and destroying. And of course, love is what starts where you burn and ends where you burn. Ömer burns himself knowingly the end, he walks into the fire from the very beginning.


Derman, the beautiful brother of the neighborhood. Just like the fruits and vegetables he sells, he is also a source of healing with his character, friendship and love. But unfortunately the guide is a bit mentally ill. Both heart and mind are tired. Justice’s indomitable lover, Balat’s romantic young man, devoted brother, stubborn goat.


Adalet true to its name. Former orphanage director. The scales of conscience have weighed everyone correctly until today, she gave everyone their due, she never asked for anything from anyone, she did not defend anyone, he loved very much but he never married. She lives alone in the neighborhood with her nephew Emir, but she is enough for everyone and takes care of everyone’s problems. She does not hold grudges or hate easily. There is only one heart she neglects in this life and that is her own heart. She can’t follow her heart; Loving a friend can’t be limited to a certain extent, or just a little bit of love. Is she ashamed, maybe a little bit. Does it sound selfish, maybe a little bit. But most of all, she is afraid that Emir will be left alone.