Artists News Another difficult role, yet another brave performance from Nilperi Şahinkaya!

Another difficult role, yet another brave performance from Nilperi Şahinkaya!


The new series called Senden Önce (Before You) met with the audience. After the first episode was broadcast, a lot of posts about the series began to be made on social media.

Especially Alp Navruz fans are happy that the famous actor is returning to the sets. Sinem Ünsal also took her place in the story as one of the two female leads. The partnership of two young actors playing the characters of Hakan and Merve increased the excitement.

However, Nilperi Şahinkaya, another leading actress of the series, appeared before her fans with a very different role. We can say that perhaps the most surprising and different character in the Bahar series is Sahra.

You will see in the story that Sahra, whose entire life changed after an unfortunate event she experienced when she was a child, cannot even tolerate the thought of being a man’s daughter or a man’s wife.

Nilperi Şahinkaya, who appeared before the audience with a different female character, took on an important and difficult role that would affect the course of the TV series Senden Önce.

We can say that the actress, who is known to successfully portray such sharp roles in the projects she takes part in, is in a story that will deeply affect the audience.

Nilperi Şahinkaya, who mentioned that characters like “Sahra” were very interesting to her, expressed her feelings with the following words: “Sahra is a woman who keeps her word, is a Narcissist, and does not love anyone, but loves one person very much. She is waging a big war because she is about to lose that person too.”

So what kind of person is Sahra? Let’s get to know Nilperi Şahinkaya’s character Sahra, who stands out with her very different story about revealing her talents:

“The unfortunate incident that happened to her when she was a child changed Sahra’s entire life and her perspective on life… While being the daughter of one man made her sick enough, she couldn’t even bring herself to become the wife of another man. She hasn’t established a home, she hasn’t even dreamed of it. And she didn’t! For him, love is not something to be held, but something to be escaped from. “The end is bad, according to Sahra.”