Series News Expectations from the TV series Senden Önce were very high, but the ratings were disappointing!

Expectations from the TV series Senden Önce were very high, but the ratings were disappointing!


The fact that the new series called Senden Önce (Before You), whose first episode was broadcast on Kanal D, achieved low rates in the ratings despite the great interaction wind on social media, is considered as a bad start.

Senden Önce, which met with the audience on Tuesday evening with Show TV’s new series called Bahar, is known as the project that Alp Navruz fans have been eagerly awaiting for a while.

It can be expressed as a disappointment that the first episode ratings of the series Senden Önce, starring Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya as the female leads, were far below the average and much lower than expectations.

The series, which placed fourteenth in all categories and ABC1 with its first episode, finished sixteenth in the AB group. It is expected that these results will change and much better rates will be obtained in the second part.

The series, which contains an exciting story shaped in the shadow of intrigue and betrayal, made a twist in its first episode and kept the audience glued to the screen. While the curtain of mystery between Merve and Sahra was revealed in the series, clues were given about what kind of trap Hakan was drawn into by the two women.


D Media’s TV series Senden Önce said “hello” to its broadcasting life. The cast, set crew and Kanal D managers of the series watched the first episode at Pera Palace Hotel.

The entire cast of the series, including Demirören Media TV Group President Murat Yancı, leading actors Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal, Nilperi Şahinkaya and master actor Altan Erkekli, were present at the event.

The final scene left its mark on the first episode of Senden Önce, which brought a twisted story to the audience. Throughout the episode, it is a matter of curiosity what Hakan, who is torn between his wife Merve and Sahra, whom he met at the hotel, will do; The sauna scene that appeared on the screen in the finale of the first episode shocked everyone.

Sahra and Merve faced each other in the sauna of the hotel where they were staying. In the scene where two women who are in love with the same man come face to face, the audience predicted that there would be a big showdown.

However, the dialogue that started between the two suddenly turned into something completely different. Sahra said to Merve, “Girl, why did you come here? We planned everything, we talked one by one, we did not agree like this.” What he said shocked everyone. “We made a promise to each other. We said we won’t quit. Now you pack your things and we’re getting out of here. Because Hakan is no different from others.” The moments he said opened the curtain of secret between the two women.


Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya share the leading roles in Senden Önce. The cast of the ambitious series includes the following names: “Altan Erkekli, Tansel Öngel, Uğur Uzunel, Uğur Biçer, Kadim Yaşar, Nalan Kuruçim, Işıl Dayıoğlu, Lidya Atlik, Taha Ünal, Berra Aydınlı, Elif Baysal and Ahmet Fuat Onan.”

Feride Kaytan is the director of Senden Önce, produced by D Media and written by Başak Angigün.