Back to the beginning in the scenario of Süslü Korkuluk series
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2 February 2023 13:24


Back to the beginning in the scenario of Süslü Korkuluk series

Bringing together Çağatay Ulusoy and Esra Bilgiç in the lead roles, the waters do not calm down in the Süslü Korkuluk (meaning: Fancy Scarecrow) series. It is said that the scenario of the series, which has faced many problems since the first announcement, has been returned to the beginning.

In the TV series Süslü Korkuluk, which was announced on the first day of the new year, action was taken when the leading actor Çağatay Ulusoy said “ok”. In fact, the series should have even been on the air by now. However, there was so much confusion that everything in the script of the series is now over.

The reason for this is that the script of the Süslü Korkuluk series was actually written for the national channel.

The script of the series, which was written in long episodes in accordance with the national channel, turned upside down after it was agreed with Netflix as the broadcaster channel. Because on digital platforms, the episode duration of the series can be up to one hour.

When this was the case, it was learned that the script team started from the beginning and wrote the story from the beginning in accordance with the digital platform. Therefore, it seems that there is a little more time for the Süslü Korkuluk to appear on the set.

In the meantime, the number of seasons naturally increased when the series moved to the digital platform. It is stated that Süslü Korkuluk will last for three or four seasons. It is not yet clear whether all of these seasons will be shot back-to-back or whether there will be a period of time.

Meanwhile, the cast of the series is also taking shape. The inclusion of two important names, Olgun Şimşek, and Salih Bademci in the cast, further increased the claim of the Süslü Korkuluk series. Çağatay Ulusoy will give life to a fashion designer named Peyami in the Süslü Korkuluk series. Peyami will fall in love with the woman who comes to get him a wedding dress to get married. Esvet, who will fall in love with the bride-to-be, will be played by Esra Bilgiç.

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